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UAE counting their steps to conquer the education system in the country


The United Arab Emirates has changed its stance on secondary and higher education and started focusing on the fact to strengthen their education system from a grassroots level. They have targeted to create a skilled workforce and are looking forward to generating around 100 million job opportunities by 2020. The UAE has come upon a long way in past few decades in terms of getting the alliance with various international institutions and sending their people for higher education abroad. They are stressing on bringing innovations in the field of education in order to bring exposure to their country. They have started taking steps for the girl child education in the country and spreading the awareness for educating the women of the families.

UAE stresses on the basics:

According to one of the reports generated by the World’s Economic Forum Global Information Technology Report in 2013, the quality of education provided by the schools in the UAE in terms of Science and Math education was given a ranking of 3.9 out of 7. The country is taking steps towards the spreading quality education throughout the Arab world. The first step taken recently is to spread free education across the 50 million students through the medium of eLearning. The UAE government is aiming to launch 5,000 English videos for the population. The prime minister of Dubai, Shaikh Mohammad has given his consent and has said to launch one of the biggest websites in terms of online education by the name of Khan Academy. The UAE authorities have identified that the education should be strengthened from initial levels and have planned to execute the same accordingly.

The Education System in Arabic Countries:

The 14% of the population of Arab countries are found to be illiterate. Most important is 43% of students who are enrolled in schools and going for regular classes are not aware of the basic principles of education. To resolve these deep-rooted issues the authorities have looked forward to spreading the basic education levels that can cater to the students of kindergarten to class 12 mediums. The education is free of cost so that people living in villages or below poverty lines or the ones who can’t afford to send their children for tuition can be benefitted through the program. The learning will act as a foundation in the country and will lay emphasis on almost all the subjects of the academics like Physics, Chemistry, etc. The authorities will start with the basic education and enrol the students from various lengths and breadths of the country.

The project of producing free education from 5,000 educational videos in Gulf countries is the first step in the right direction. The people of the UAE have recognized the fact that core education is the pillar of any economy and is one of the essential tool that needs to be configured properly in order to be a global player. The first ray of hope has started in the country and the revolutionary steps seem to take their pace in order to find their destinations.

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