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Things to know before you apply for college application in UAE


The learning institutions available in UAE have doubled over the decades. Along with this, more than thousands of students come to our country from different corners of the world. Irrespective of whether you apply for an undergraduate program or an executive program for earning a professional job, be sure of choosing the right course that can take your career to higher level.

College Reputation

Before choosing any college, think about institute’s reputation and global existence. Look for those universities in which business relevant courses are offered and hold good rankings in Forbes, The Economist, and The Financial Times. Education expert like Michael Clarke, Associate Head of School of Management and Languages at Heriot-Watt University Dubai Campus says, “For students to shine bright in life, it is necessary for them articulate their thoughts, communicate, analyse information and have the ability of presenting the ideas to other.

Budget Matters

The second most important is to plan a budget before you invest in your child’s education. As you know that overall budget of your child’s education in abroad is not limited to course fees and accommodation rent. The budget of yours child’s education includes a lot of things like travelling expenses, the money he/she needs at the time of emergencies and many more. Hence, it is advisable to prepare the education budget so that your child does not suffer in foreign land.

Extra-circular activities

Some students are very specific about their interest extra-circular activities. Thus it becomes important for you to list those set of colleges which charge or do not charge for some co-circular activities.

Be Focused

Make sure that your child is determined and has planned a specific course that he wants to study. Although, not many students have clarity in their minds about what they might do after the college ends. So do ask from your child about his further plans whether he would like to work after completing the college or will go for the higher studies. Moreover some universities do provide relaxation norms to students who are studying on education loan.

Understand Cultural Values

Studying abroad also implies that a student needs to adapt to the cultural atmosphere of UAE too. He/she needs to understand about the cultural values, beliefs of the people our country. It becomes easy for the students interact with other people if they learn a few words of local language. Don’t pressurise your child by making weigh the heavy the tough thoughts regarding his future, tell him to explore the city .

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