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Private Education Fairs Well in the 2016-17 KHDA School Inspection in Dubai


In the annual school inspection programme for 2017 conducted by the KHDA, 159 schools having 263,051students enrolled in them, were inspected across Dubai. The report states the varied positioning of the schools as they are ranked in terms of the quality of education provided. 16 schools have been ranked as “Outstanding”, 14 schools rated as “Very Good”, 69 schools rated as “Good”, 50 schools as mere “Acceptable”, whereas 10 school faltered as they are rated as “Weak”.

The 2017 Improvements

A total of 10 schools have improved their rating and 4 have declined since the 2015-16 inspection. As a new development, a total of 11 new schools were also inspected for the first time in the latest inspection by the KHDA. The performance of various Dubai private schools has exponentially grown in this inspection. The KHDA approved schools are considered the best and have highest reputation for the parents who seek to provide the best of education from fundamental stages till grade 12.

The report states that around 2/3 of the total inspected schools this year have shown tremendous improvement as they are now regarded as “Good” as compared to their previous ratings. Also, the report mentions that more than half of the Emirati private schools are providing “Good” to “Outstanding” education. Mr Abdulla Al Karam, director general of the education regulator, was found saying that “Everyone is benefiting, especially parents and children who have a wider choice in quality schooling.”  and that, he is happy about the improving situation.

The Hike Eligibility

With the latest reports waving flags for various schools in the education sector, the schools have become eligible for a fee hike, but according to their rankings. The “Outstanding” ranked schools are eligible for a maximum of 4.8% fee hike. The “Very Good” schools are eligible at 4.2%, the “Good” schools at 3.6 and others at a mere 2.4%, which is the indicative of the Education Cost Index.

The Curriculum Based Results-

British ,US  and Indian curriculum based schools are observed to have been the best education providers. There are few schools that also follow Filipino, Pakistani, German, Russian, Canadian, and Japanese curriculums and their ratings range from good, acceptable to weak.

Curriculum based Performance

The report throws light on the overall good standards of education made available with majority of private schools ranked as “Good” in their performance.

The Facilities Taken Well Care Of

It is also interesting to note that facilities for specially able children are taken into account as wider improvements are observed in terms of the provisions for education and other facilities made for them. However, despite the efforts, improvements are still required as according to the report.

The KHDA report also states the subject based improvement of the students owing to the all over development in the schools. According to the National Agenda targets for 2021, 72% of the schools have made a progress complying to the targets in subjects like Mathematics, and Science and 74 % in English. Apart from the core subjects, Islamic education has also made improvements, with 62% schools making progress in the said subject. Although Arabic still suffers with 49 % schools making mere acceptable or weak progress.

The over-all report has been satisfactory according to the officials from KHDA as most of the most reputed schools in Dubai continue to tread on the path of success meant for the students and the schools.

Refer to the link below for Dubai Schools Rating.


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