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A Plethora of Curriculums to choose from


Here’s a snapshot of multiple options provided by UAE educational institutes.

In UAE the international schools are given a number curriculum options to choose from. The well known curriculum structure allows the non-native families to send credits without any disruptions to their children who are studying in Abroad or has moved to their home countries. Here are a number of curriculum options provided by UAE schools.

American curriculum


  • Individuality, creativity and innovation are of utmost importance and value.
  • Deserving students are offered AP (Advanced Placement) courses.
  • The concepts and ideas that are taught with elaborate instructions are outcome driven.
  • We keep the students’ capabilities in check throughout the year rather than pressuring them at the end of the year.
  • The curriculum gives the students a fair share of time to decide their goals and work towards them by a number of course options to pick from.


  • Mostly the decision of following the Common Core Standards of any state are in the hands of private and international schools. Nonetheless, moving from one school to another is not a pain as the standards are adjusted closely.

ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education)


  • Students who see their future in the field of research are given special access to lab.
  • Principal of JSS International School in Dubai, Lata Nakrasays that students have the freedom to make combinations of their desired subjects. Choosing subjects from their choice of streams humanities, science and commerce allows them to study without any burden.
  • Carries out examinations for Grade XII, Indian School Certificate (ISC) and ICSE exam for Grade X.
  • Students are also prepared for language texts such as TOEFL, IELTS etc.
  • All subjects are given equal attention, be it math, arts, science or English. Students can focus on their favorite subjects.


  • The curriculum is too vast to grasped by an average student. He or she may find it hard to understand and study as compared to the CBSE curriculum.


CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)


  • The founding Principal, Srinivas Naidu of Amity School, Dubai suggests that CBSE curriculum stands for knowledge and highlights the importance of English, Science and Math.
  • Colleges and universities all over the world recognize the certificate.
  • Exams like (AISSCE) All India Secondary School Certificate Examination and (AISSE) All India Senior School Examination are conducted every year for grade XII and X respectively.
  • In India it is considered to be the main board of school-level education.
  • Vital competitive exams like AIPMT, JEE and AIEEE are carved out on the syllabus of CBSE.


  • CBSE has lack of application and cross-curriculum approach.

British Curriculum


  • Children are taught a variety of subjects till the age of 14 both on a social and academic level.
  • The curriculum not only focuses on churning out learned professionals but also good citizens to the country by teaching them values like understanding, respect and tolerance along with academic syllabus.
  • The assessment standards of UK allow both the parents and teachers to keep in check the student’s progress. This is a unique feature of UK curriculum.
  • A-Level qualifications have international recognition.
  • The UK curriculum is well structured and balanced since the time of A-Levels and GSCE.


  • The curriculum demands commitment and focus to overcome the challenging syllabus.

International Baccalaureate (IB)


  • There is no political control or dominion of education ministry on the school curriculum.
  • The curriculum maintains a balance of all subjects like humanities, science and math, combining six subjects from all three streams unlike the typical A-Level syllabus. This also provides students a wide range of options to choose from for their university degree, said Andy Wood, Principal of Greenfield Community School.
  • The IB curriculum is celebrated and recognized by most of the top universities.
  • The unique Theory of Knowledge course teaches the students key features of research and learning. Andy Wood mentions the biggest strength of IB, Creativity Action Service (CAS.


  • The challenging curriculum requires the students to focus extensively.

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