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Online Safety for Kids


With the upcoming reports of the majority of children getting bullied on social media sites, it has increasingly become a concerning matter for many of us. According to Norton Cyber Security Insights Report 2017, a majority of (96%) UAE’s parents feel conscious about their kids’ online safety. The survey highlighted (87%) parents fear that their children will become the victim of cyberbullying if they browse without anyone’s supervision. The people who allow their kids to browse the internet without their supervision are (34%) whereas (66%) of the people not allow their children to access the internet websites and apps. 

If you find yourself in any of the above mentioned categories, then don’t believe in giving up. Your child might be new to the world of internet and doesn’t know the grey shade of the internet. Instead of keeping them away from the digital gadgets, tell them about the negative impact of revealing too much of the personal information to any stranger. It is much more advisable to supervise your child whenever he uses the social media sites.


Have you ever wondered about how your child will get away from cyber-bullying? Because it is far more different than the bullying at school. Some researchers have said that the victims of cyberbullying take a lot of time to overcome depression. If your child feels reluctant to share about online activities or becomes emotionally upset after using the smartphone, then it shows the sign of cyber-bullying. As a parent try to comfort him by telling about the bullying experiences that you had in your life so that he doesn’t feel lonely.

Form a balanced equation

Try to strike the right balance with your kids so that they don’t feel getting judged by you and don’t need a reason to hide themselves from you while using the internet.  It will also ease your mind because you would know that they are not switching to an inappropriate path.

Talk Openly

Stop making indirect clues to your kids for prohibiting them from using the social media domains. Express your own concerned thoughts by telling them the incidents where kids became the victims of cyberbullying.

Fear of the hacker

Inform your kids not to click on any unknown link as it might take them to an inappropriate site. Inform your kids not to reveal any personal information on any unknown site as it may bring the hacker.

Update Security Software

Search for the harmful contents of the websites, apps, games and online communities which are used by your kids. Try to use smart family security and parental web safety tools so that it can help in creating the safety of your kids. It would be advisable for you to use Norton security software because it eradicates the probability of getting online threats and viruses. 

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