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Making Children Meals Healthier in UAE


The Ministry of Education has  issued new rules in accordance with worldwide wellbeing measures, helping schools form  dietary and nutritional needs for students.

This encouraged school  to educate guardians of the new limitations. They additionally asked guardians to abstain from sending such restricted things to class and follow the new guidelines.

The following items are restricted in students tiffin-

1. Hot dogs and processed meats

2. Indomie

3. Chocolate bars

4. Chocolate spreads

5. Sweets, lollipops and jelly

6. All peanut products, to avoid allergic reactions

7. All kinds of chips

8. Carbonated drinks, including energy drinks, flavoured water, juice, iced teas, slushies and eskimo drinks

9. Cream cakes and doughnuts

Source: khaleejtimes

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