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KHDA Dedicatedly Sorting the Outstanding Schools in Dubai


Working for the common good in compliance with, UAE National Agenda 2021 of best education for all the children, Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) has been working towards providing the collective information on the best of schools in Dubai. The KHDA ranks each school objectively in the order of precedence as- Outstanding-Very Good-Good-Acceptable-Weak-Very Weak. The reason why ratings are necessary is primarily to guide the schools on their performance as an educational institute and how they can be made better. But the other more important reason of building a conclusive list of schools is to help and guide the parents who are new to the process of selecting the most appropriate school for their child and the list becomes an endearing effort as the process of selecting the best school for the children can be really challenging. KHDA passes its judgment as objectively as possible on the basis of different aspects, phases and subjects that form the work of the school. Both parents and community get the answer to various questions that help them reckon the best school for their children to study in. The ranking system ensures a comprehensiveness and cohesiveness in the performance of every school and answers intrinsic questions like- How well did the school perform overall? What did the school do well? What does the school need to do next? The process of ranking schools appropriately is rather critical and challenging as not every school is rated as the best or Outstanding in the KHDA inventory. Not every school is rated with ‘Outstanding’ rank as it is difficult to climb up the growth and reputation ladder encompassing all the following factors and milestones including-

  • Students Achievements on various subjects– Various pointers that segment the school on its performance are inclusive of students’ performance in an over-all sense including main subjects like English, Mathematics and Science.
  • Students Personal and social developments, and their innovation skills– Each student is important and so are their developmental processes both personal and social. They are observed on their motivation and enthusiasm and the schools that have the most motivated and enthusiastic students who are endearing and show progress in each sphere of personal and educational, are graced with Outstanding Rank.
  • Teaching and assessment- Teachers make an important factor in developmental events of every student wherein they introduce and encourage the students to new concepts of studies, knowledge, rationality and life. Keeping a balanced and calm nature around smaller children and sincerity for the elder students are the traits that KHDA looks for in the faculty of the schools.
  • Curriculum– the curriculum has to be designed and managed across all subjects and languages offered at the school in compliance with the curriculum offered. Meaningful cross-curricular links need to be well planned and managed. As a result of which, students will be able to incorporate literacy skills with mathematics and science skills using their reading and writing knowledge as well as their abilities to hypothesize, predict and conduct research projects.
  • The protection, care, guidance and support of students– The schools that are kept fully covered with students’ security measures and offers an excelling environment inside the premises is what makes an ideal school under KHDA understanding. Where students are kept away from any kind of physical, emotional and mental harassment, abuse and bullying, that is the ideal school environment for the institutions and the parents to faithfully send their children to.
  • Leadership and management skills in the students– The schools are required to serve to a vision and keep making endearing efforts to achieve it. Students are imbibed with goals and virtues for a better future. A strong multi-culture and an international appeal to educate children with an open mind to accept diversity is what KHDA also appreciates in every school.

The inclusions of all these factors are flag-bearers of an ‘Outstanding’ school according to the KHDA norms of school rankings in Dubai. Having most of the criterion in place is not possible with every school, hence, the rank goes to minimal numbers and this also keeps the motivational index higher for the rest of the schools.

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