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Is home-schooling a better option or public schooling?


It is hard to predict whether home-schooling comes out to be a better option than public-schooling where even the underpaid teachers persist to give better teaching lessons. To choose which side is the most unclear matter because it totally depends upon the need of you and your child. With the change in time, there has been constant change in almost everything including education.

Differences in teaching  

The idea of home-schooling is not as ideal as public schooling. Whenever this term “home-schooling” comes across anyone, it doesn’t seem feasible to them. This is so due to various reasons that curtail the positive thinking of people towards home-schooling. When you think about it, you doubt your own education because home-tutoring is possible only when you have attained a well education. On the other side, it restricts your child’s social interaction with other students. With the hike in school fees, many parents find difficulties in arranging the fees of the schools that are turning into the business enterprise.  

Home-schooling’s Better Approach

Nowadays, there are several online schooling platforms that promise to provide good education to the kids in a far low price as compared to public schools. The founder of Time4Learning, Mr. John Edelson, who runs an online-schooling portal says, “In the era of today, most of the families don’t want to create a pressurising environment for their kids. They want a lifestyle that gives them more control over time.”

Camille DiMaio, author of Before the Rain Falls, says “There needs of having a proper discipline at home when you wish your child to be home-schooled. Parents need to address the specific hours for kids to study and they should keep in mind that not too many days should be taken off for the fun.” Mrs. Camille’s eldest daughter was home-schooled and she holds the pride to say that her daughter has gained the scholarship to enter college.

Home-school benefits

Unlike the system of public schooling where a child endures peer pressure, fear of scoring more marks might differ from the child who is home-schooled. Moreover, the instances of getting bullied also get minimised because the child will have a safer and protective environment. There is no doubt that home-schooling is quite different from the intricate structural education of private schools but it also questions the ability of parents ability in offering the good education to children in a far better way than the teachers.

Timely address the difficulty

The problem of home-tutoring arises when your child is not able to grasp studies in the class, despite the hard-efforts made by teachers. If this has been your child’s case, help him by eliminating the difficulties which are stopping him from memorising the things. Make him believe more in studying regularly instead of cramming.   

At last, what really matters is how much learning skills your child is able to possess and holds the ability to think beyond a closed world around him. 

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