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January 30, 2019
Indian Schools KHDA Rating 2019

The 2018-2019 'Indian Curriculum Schools' report showed that 31 out o

January 23, 2019
Making Children Meals Healthier in UAE

The Ministry of Education has  issued new rules in accordance with worldwide wellbeing measures, h

January 8, 2019
How to robot proof your career?

With the advancement in science and technology, automation is on the

November 20, 2018
Parents should stop worrying about social media platforms

The decade has changed a lot of things and has made your kids more sm

October 28, 2018
Is home-schooling a better option or public schooling?

It is hard to predict whether home-schooling comes out to be a better

September 6, 2018
Does Maths make you smarter?

Even today, it is a big question that how can Maths make anyone smart

August 25, 2018
Back to school offer 2018

Its that time of the year again, rush to be ready in time as kids go " Back to School"So much to

August 18, 2018
Private School Fees in Dubai

A good news for you as from next year onwards you may not pay the hi

July 28, 2018
The Importance of Music for Children

It is a known fact that everybody adores music and there are a lot o

June 21, 2018
Give your child the AI edge this Summer in Dubai

UAE is organising the regions first Artificial Intelligence Summer Camp for all School and Universit

June 18, 2018
How to develop reading in every child

Reading books or novels is becoming a long forgotten hobby today. Ch

May 28, 2018
British Education in UAE

Considering the syllabus in vogue and throughout the globe, the Brit