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Admissions in Dubai schools:  Things to Know



The first step in the admission procedure is to register the candidate through the online enquiry procedure of each school respectively. This is to be noted that every school has a different criteria regarding the admission procedure. The candidate further need to submit the required documents in the given location by the school authority for the completion of the registration process.

After the registration is done, the candidate may go through an entrance test, an online test or an interview on the basis of the admission criteria specified by each individual school.

Once the test/ interview are done, the candidate is then contacted to submit the complete educational details and documents for the completion of the admission process.

Admissions in the schools of Dubai, some of the main documents in support of your registrations are mandatory.

These documents are needed as you submit your registration for any particular school. Enlisted below are the compulsory documents –

  • Copy of Birth Certificate of the Student: This can be either in English or in Arabic. No other language is accepted.
  • Copy of Passport of the Student: This document is in favour of the residential status of the student in Dubai.
  • Copy Student Visa: This clarifies that the student is in Dubai only for educational purposes
  • Copy of Student Emirates ID card: This is a confirmation that the Government of Emirates is aware and permitted for the educational purpose of the student.
  • 2 recent Passport-size photographs of the Student: These photographs are for facial verification of the student.
  • Copy of Immunisation Certificate: This certificate assures that the student has received all the necessary immunization doses and that he or she is free from any contagious disease.
  • Copy of School Report from the last school attended: This document should be about the performance report of the student, attained from the last school that he or she attended. In case of an admission in the nursery class, the report of past 2 years is needed.
  • Completely filled Medical Declaration & Mandatory Information: This is a Medical declaration that comprises of the assurance from the student (or the guardian, in case of a minor) that he or she is free from any disease. It actually confirms the sign of good health of the student.
  • Copy of Sponsor Passport: It is needed from the authority that is sponsoring the education of the particular student. It is important as it confirms the educational purpose of the student.
  • Copy of Sponsor Visa: Declaration of the Visa of the sponsor is an important document, as it serves as a verification data about the sponsor.
  • Copy of Emirates ID of Sponsor: This document id the proof that the Government of Emirates is well acquainted with the sponsor and there is no inauthentic status about the sponsor.
  • Submission of Registration Form: The Registration Form can be submitted online or by visiting the Office of the particular school.
  • Information regarding special medical conditions, allergies, etc.: It is the responsibility of the guardian to inform the school authorities about the critical medical condition of the student. Special information about special medical conditions, allergies, etc is mandatory for admission.
  • Declaration of all the up-to-date details about the contact: The declaration of contact details helps the student in getting the immediate attention of the guardians and parents. The school authorities will inform the parents about the condition of the student in case there is an emergency.

Apart from all the aforementioned mandatory documents, it is important to check the age limit of the student as per the norms of KHDA, that is a Government bureau – Knowledge, and Human Development Authority, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The age limits vary as per different grades. Moreover, few of the schools like, GCSE, National Curriculum for England, UK and those following ICSE prefer admission tests; for which you need to prepare the student, adequately.


Age Limit table

Student Age

13 Year System

12 Year System


KG 1

Pre KG


KG 2

KG 1


Year 1

KG 2


Year 2

Grade 1


Year 3

Grade 2


Year 4

Grade 3


Year 5

Grade 4


Year 6

Grade 5


Year 7

Grade 6


Year 8

Grade 7


Year 9

Grade 8


Year 10

Grade 9


Year 11

Grade 10


Year 12 (Diploma 1)

Grade 11


Year 13 (Diploma 2)

Grade 12


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